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Resculpt, Cellulite, Fluid Mobilization, inch loss.

  Endermologie utilizes a specialized technique to resculpt and enhance the body. Endermologie activates lipolysis, which releases the stubborn genetic fat that doesn't respond to traditional diet and exercise.  

Endermologie is known for cellulite treatment and assists with lymphatic drainage, also known as fluid mobilization. 

Treatments are twice a week for optimum results. Endermologie is both facial and body. 

Endermologie sessions cost range: $950-$1,700 depending of the package purchased. Increased savings with multiple treatments. Packages are sold in increments of ten, fifteen or twenty. 

  Microcurrent is a complimentary treatment which can enhance Endermologie. The high intensity inch loss process provides the equivalent of 330 sit-ups in a session reducing hip, thighs, buttocks, stomach. Created by the inventor of the pace maker. Sessions consist of ten visits twice a week for optimum results. 

Arasys sessions cost range: $950.00-$1,700. Treatments are sold in packages of ten, fifteen or twenty. 

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