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Resculpt, Cellulite, Fluid Mobilization, Inch loss, Post Surgery Healing

  Endermologie utilizes a specialized technique to resculpt and enhance the body. Endermologie activates lipolysis, which releases the stubborn genetic fat that doesn't respond to traditional diet and exercise.  

Endermologie is known for cellulite treatment, but assists with lymphatic drainage and skin toning. Skin toning is not always an option with other body contouring machines. 

Treatments are non-invasive, no down time, painless and relaxing. Endermologie can be used for both the face and the body. 

Endermologie sessions start at $150.00 for a single body session and $120.00 for the face, but packages are available in sessions of twelve and twenty-four. 

A comprehensive consultation will be performed to obtain all necessary information to develop the ideal treatment plan for you. 

 Body contouring/inch loss using Arasys technology can enhance Endermologie or is a stand alone treatment.    

1000 wave forms (wave lengths, not electric current) release brain waves that would normally be produced during regular physical exercise. This makes a targeted muscle think it is getting a work out.                          

The high intensity inch loss process 

provides the equivalent of 330 sit-ups or 400 butt lifts helping to reducing hip, thighs and stomach. Lifting includes butt and breasts. Pectorals in men. 

Providing natural, effortless inch loss, muscle conditioning, lymphatic drainage, body contouring, cellulite breakdown, and postnatal/post surgery healing, tightening, and rejuvenation.

These treatments will increase metabolism, blood circulation, oxygenation, reduce cellulite appearance, tone skin, increase fluid mobility, reduce inches, boost performance, alleviate muscle pain, detox, weight loss. 

Sessions consist of twice a week, then monthly optimization sessions. Packages are sold in increments of twelve or twenty-four visits. 

Arasys sessions begin at $200 for a single session and package pricing is available.  

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